What is the difference between WAV and MP3 audio when I am making music?


Whenever you purchase a beat from monkey5beats.com, you can download both the .wav and the .mp3 versions of it.

The differences between these two formats (WAV and MP3) are clear:

Unlike WAV, MP3 is a compressed and lossy format. That means that converting any audio to MP3 will reduce its original quality and size.

Generally speaking, an MP3 file is a compressed music file which loads fast and plays with a good sound quality. There are several levels of possible compression so they can be used for web pages, YouTube videos, videogames or anything on the Internet. Or what’s the same, they can be effortlessly distributed over the Internet, and music libraries or music clouds. That’s the main reason why MP3 has become very popular and a standard way for purchasing music.

On the other hand, compressing a file always causes quality loss to some extent. That’s why MP3 is not suitable for mastering, mixing or recording. Lots of DJs or producers use only the quality higher than 320 kbps to make sure all the lowest sounds are clear to their listeners.

WAV is an uncompressed format - this means the recording is reproduced without any loss in audio quality and allows us to listen to the highest recording rates. Since it stores uncompressed audio data, it retains the 100% original audio quality and is an excellent audio format to work with studio records, mastering, and advanced audio applications. It is also the most popular among audio experts.

You can get your Monkey5Beats beat in WAV format purchasing our Premium, Trackout and Exclusive licenses. Check out the differences among our licenses here! – link a las licencias

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